Squid Boy

In Taiwan, whoever went to Dan Shui at Taipei District should have tasted this delicious from the deep sea
It gets popular in the night market from north to midland to south just within couples of years.
The most RAM POPULAR snacks
Strongly recommends you must try it; you will surely like it after you try; Do not miss it!
Something in faraway deep sea that origin from Taiwan!
Quickly come and try the fresh of it!
Matching with below our own special dips, on your own choice, surely fulfil your tongue~
Origin from the faraway deep sea --- Giant Squid
Using high technology technique to freeze the squid immediately as soon as it gets caught, able to keep the fresh from the sea!
Matching with the special dip, keep the precious essence of the seafood.
With the intersection of cold and hot cooking styles, bring out the natural flavour of the seafood
Under the golden skin, SCENT, CRISP, CRISPY bringing out the FRESH and DELICIOUS of it
Lastly, crispy squid with variety choices of special dip will become EVERLASTING for you

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