Buy 1 get 1 promotion! Come here to eat fish and entertain you 2 crabs for free.

Our signature steamed whole fish in soup, have you ever tried it?

The essence of steamed whole fish in soup is its soup base. The soup base is made with all-natural fresh ingredients and an original secret recipe developed by the original chef for 30 years. When the soup and fish are integrated, the fish is smooth, tender and fragrant, and the soup is delicious and sweet. It is definitely a natural delicacy! In addition to the soup base and fish, there are also: Su Dong, prawns, la la, super three fresh~ super delicious!

Just order our signature "Three Treasures" Steamed Whole Fish in Soup! There are 3 kinds of fish to choose from:

Signature Steamed Butting in Soup + Sotong, Prawn, Lala (RM168)

Signature soup dragon tiger spot + Su Dong, prawn, la la (RM188)

Signature Shangtang Wild Shun Shell + Su Dong, Prawn, Lala (RM288)

Just order any one of the fish above, and free 2 crabs at the original price of RM48.80 for you! There are 4 cooking methods to choose from:

Salted Wet Crab, Golden Fragrant Crab, Salted Egg Crab or Sweet and Sour Crab

You can eat 5 kinds of seafood for only one price! It's worth it! For dine-in only